Speaking of roofing we mean the finishing, the top layer of our roof. Roofing is a very important visual element of our investment but its main function is to protect the building from weather, sun, rain, moisture or noise.

Roof windows are mostly home lighting functions. They are installed directly in the roof slope and depending on the height at which they are mounted, we can choose between swing or swing windows and recently even swing-tilt.

In the case of roofs this category is very extensive, because it includes elements of roof communication, chimney sweeps, snow barriers and eaves comb (bird protection) or ridge bands, chimney ... etc.

The basic task facing the roof membranes is to protect the attic insulation layer (usually mineral wool) against moisture, dust or water from melting snow. Roof diaphragm is an alternative to traditional roof protector (formwork and paperwork.)

Gutters and downpipes provide efficient removal of precipitation water from the surface and roof, as well as water from melting snow. Already at the design stage it is worthwhile to ensure that the chosen guttering system works well with the roof as well as with the façade and the whole building.

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