The paving stone has been a very popular material used for hardening of streets, sidewalks and ramps for years. Recently, manufacturers have offered us a very wide range of products, not only in color but also in many different shapes and designs to choose from. The paving stone has ceased to be only an element of hardening of the surface, today we can safely say that it is a very important decorative element, finishing our parcel. Individual designs and the ability to choose among many designs and colors makes the cobblestones a part of shaping the space and aesthetics of the parcel. Welcome to our exhibition garden, where you can see different color solutions and arrangements.


The element that first identifies our plot is the fence. By choosing a fence we should ensure that, on the one hand, we give our property a unique look and, on the other hand, ensure an adequate level of privacy. In recent years, system fences have been very popular, both from slate bricks as well as smooth ones. In our offer you will find products of leading brands: Joniec, DrewBet, Kost-Bet, Superbet, Semmerlock. However, apart from system fences we also have classic clinker brick fence and cheaper proposals in the form of fence panels or galvanized or coated lattice. We invite you to see our exhibition garden, where we have dozens of designs and colors of several companies.  

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