The bathroom is a special place at home, and each time it requires careful planning as to how it should be finished and how each of its components should be located. When designing a bathroom, the experience and knowledge of the designer can not be overestimated. Although we have a very large assortment of glaze, terracotta, bathroom furniture and fittings, our most important asset is Mrs Agnieszka - a designer with over a decade of experience. It is our knowledge, experience and very good customer contact that makes our customers happy to come back.    Our range of ceramic tiles includes the leading brands in the market:

- Tubądzin

- Cersanit

- Opoczno

- Paradyż

- Ceramika Color

- Ceramika Końskie


For bathroom fittings, ceramics or bathroom furniture, we cooperate with such brands as:

- Geberit

- Koło

- Grohe

- Radaway

- Armatura Kraków

- Omnires

- Aqua Form

- Kludi

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