Since 2006, we have been taking care of our customers and satisfying their needs in the broad sense of construction. We started very modestly in the rented premises but the reliability and professionalism in the approach to the client allowed us after several years to become a leader in the region in the category of building materials. For over a dozen years of existence we have served countless investments, made tens of thousands of valuations, and drove hundreds of thousands of miles for our clients. Since the beginning of our business we have been supplying construction materials. Hollows, insulations, insulation materials as well as roofs (ceramic tile, metal sheet and modular sheet), finishing materials (doors, panels, paint), bathrooms (bathroom ceramics, fittings, tiles) and cobblestones and fences (split, modular, panel) and many others that can not be exchanged.

We work with clients on a client-to-client partnership basis. We insist that our product knowledge and professionalism allow you to safely and peacefully go through the process of construction or repair.



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JETRO Karol Walo
Świdry 1F

21-400 Łuków

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